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A conversation with Advanced-battery.com

Ron in Drums PA
>I've been having problems with the power pack on my Triton respirator. I decided to replace the batteries. The following is a email conversation I had with them.

I'm looking at your product "KR-5000DEL, D 5000mAh NiCd 1.2v".

I need to replace 5 batteries in a piece equipment. The charger that comes with these units are class 2 power supply (DC9v, 500mA).

My question is, with your batteries, how long do I need to charge them for optimal performance?

Thank you for your time.

Reply from Advanced-battery.com
Thanks for your inquiry.

The KR-5000DEL is a flat top battery designed for assembling into a battery pack (they do not have a raised positive tip). So if you plan to build packs, make sure you request solder tabs as an additional feature.

If you have 5 cells in series, the voltage is 6vdc nominal and the charge voltage should be approx. 7.5 (we're not sure why yours is 9v). At 500mA, a 5000mAh battery should be charged for approx. 12 to 14 hours for a full charge on a drained battery.

Thanks for your response.

When this pack was new (6 months ago) the batteries would last 5-6 hours, which was fine. Now the power lasts only 2 hours. Do you think the higher voltage (9vdc) on the charger is what is causing the short battery life?

Thanks Again.

Reply from Advanced-battery.com
Unless there is some device between the charger and the cells reducing the voltage before charging, I would guess that these batteries are being overcharged.

I should correct my previous statement - the standard charge for the KR-5000DEL should be 500mA for 14 to 16 hours when the battery is fully discharged down to 1 volt per cell (not 12 to 14 hours as previously mentioned).

You should probably try to find a charger with the correct specifications before using new cells.

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