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Question from non-turner again - Joe Hermann?

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hi folks.

Earlier in the week I ask this question about making a tool handle. Well, it didn't work out so well...

The turning part was no problem. Came out pretty nice. Feels good in my hand too. But the hole was off center. I could live with that, but it wasn't deep enough. So I tried to drill it a little deeper and the bit came out the side! Uhg.

So I'm going to do another one. Before I do though, Joe Herrmann, can you explain in more detail what you meant by:
Drill the hole and make a wooden mandrel to fit snugly in that hole. Put the mandrel in the hole and mount the entire assembly between centers and turn it that way. If you try to turn the object first and then drill the hole, it will never be perfectly centered.

Would the mandrel go at the headstock end or the tail stock end. Oh, and what exactly is the mandrel?... type slowly when you respond... :)

Remember, I don't do any turning and may not know the terminology and my Jet mini is stock. No optional equipent (other than the extension bed).

Thanks everybody!


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