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O Boy.....again!

Keith Tompkins
>It seems I may have put my foot in my mouth again....my post about "dancing" has touched off a bit of controversy.

HOWEVER, if you read my original post, you will realize that it had nothing to do with dancing at all......the word is just a metaphor for life itself, and the way we sometimes choose to live it.

Many people live miserable, unfulfilled lives because they do not dare to dream, they will not take chances, they are unhappy but are afraid to change. Just like everyone else, they have a choice.....they can sit, or they can dance. THAT is the message I was trying to convey in my previous post.

I think that is one of the things that make turners a special breed. Instead of watching the TV night after night and complaining about the state of the world, we are creating something beautiful...and enrichening our lives.

Please remember this is a WOOD TURNING forum. We all have opinions and beliefs that could potentially make enemies of us all; this forum is dedicated to something we all have in common, and brings us all together.

A final thought.....this post applies to wood turning more than you may imagine....for instance: How many turners would like to demonstrate their abilities, buy are afraid they may have a "catch" during a demo and humiliate themselves? How many won't bring their work to meetings, or to competitions for fear of "not being good enough"? How many have not posted photos of their work HERE for the same reason?
How many lurkers do we have here that may have something to contribute but do not.

When we decide to finally set a goal, and then attempt to achieve it WE CAN MAKE WONDERFUL THINGS HAPPEN. It sure beats sitting. Keith

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