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OT...Cannot access WC through Netgear Router

David Propst
>Hello All,

I am using my laptop on a wireless network at home. My problem is that I cannot access WoodCentral over through a wireless or wired connection through my Netgear router.

This seems to be a problem I have just with accessing WoodCentral.

If I direct connect to my DSL modem I have no problem. At school or other places with a wireless internet I have no problem, so I think the problem must lie somewhere in my router settings.

My desktop going through the same router has no problem with connection. I have gone over the Netgear documentation at length and cannot find a problem. I am usually pretty good at troubleshooting this sort of problem. Any ideas?

My configuration…

Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
Netgear MR814v2 Wireless Router
MS Internet Explorer 6.0



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OT...Cannot access WC through Netgear Router
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