Turning Archive 2005

Adivice needed about cracks *PIC*

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
>Hello all. Attached is a (sorry) lousy picture of a bowl I am working on. It is obviously not finished yet, and yes I need to sand out that dark rub. I am getting ready to put sone of my flat work in a gallery show in April. The gallery owner said she wouldn't mind having a piece or two of something I turned for the gallery.

Lord knows I am not much of a turner but I thought "what the heck".

This bowl has some hairline cracks. They are closed up and don't appear to be getting worse (I'll know if they do by April). Look closely at the edge facing you and you can see them. They cannot be felt but they can be detected by close inspection.

What is the conventional wisdom about this? Do such flaws render a piece unsuitable for a gallery? What do you folks do?



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