Turning Archive 2005

Question from non-turner

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hi Folks.

I have a Jet Mini w/extension bed. Bought it over a year ago and have never used it. Just haven't had time...

In a recent woodworking mag, Chris Schwarz wrote about marking knives and making your own. I made one and thought a handle would be nice.

So I took a scrap of Cherry, drilled a hole for the knive to eventually be set into, and put it on the lathe. Now I wondering if I shouldn't have turned it firstm, then drilled the hole. But if I did that, how do you mount something like a tool handle and then drill a hole in the center?

I guess my real question is, when turning tool handles, do you drill the hole first or last for the tool?

Someday, when time permits, I will get into this whole turning thing and revisit my friend Jim in Ohio who is here often.


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