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Finishing Opinion

Raymond Overman in SC
>I recently have been trying some new techniques/ideas and had it in my mind to do something like this for some time. I've finished my turning and am now going into the sanding and finishing stage and I'm stuck. This piece was made from green pecan, alchohol dried, and pierced using a Dremel tool. It measures ~8 1/2 in diameter by 3 3/4 tall.

I'm not satisfied with the light wood of the pecan and have thought about ebonizing the piece. Then finishing with a glossy lacquer. The wood is fairly open grained. Can I use a sanding sealer to seal the grain, sand until I have a smooth surface, then ebonize it? What will be the best method of ebonizing for such light wood? Will a steel wool/white vinegar solution darken it enough or will it look grey? Whatever technique I use, I'll have some scrap to test with. I just want some opinions before I run through the gambit of choices.

Thanks for your input and help.

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