Turning Archive 2005

Boy did I see some nice work yesterday

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Attended the American Crafts Council show in Baltimore, wholesale show pass courtesy of Joel Hunnicutt, who by lunchtime had 3 new galleries to add to his business list, including on in Maui.

I also met and talked with for some time Cindy Drozda, who's work is simply jaw dropping. We talked about aging eyes and details. Her finials have detail in them that you need a magnifying glass to see, much less create. You can see her stuff here

I met a bunch more really talented folks, including David Nittman..., who's basket work is even more amazing in person.

Then there was Christian Burchard and his wonderful madrone burl baskets. (one of which went home with me)

I also met Johannes Michelson, who makes those awesome hats. He was wearing one of course, and you could not tell it was made of wood.

Then there was Michael Mode, who I didn't talk to bug just stared at his work.

I talked with Craig Lossing, who does these wonderful turnings with an Asian flair.

Of course there was our very own Joel Hunnicutt. Super nice guy! He was thrilled to be there. http://www.joelhunnicutt.com/page/page/396757.htm

And one of my all time favorites - Brad Sells. His work isn't turned, but he is a turner. You should see this stuff in person.


What a day - never thought I'd see those folks all in one place, much less in Baltimore. Thanks Joel!

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