Turning Archive 2005

1st Post *PIC*

Rick Castrios
>After several years of lurking I am finally posting one of my turnings. It is a 8" cherry peppermill finished with Waterlox and paste wax as a gift for my wife. I hope to post more in the future now that I have my photography at a point where it is somewhat decent... I think. I have been turning now for just over three years. Before that I enjoyed building cabinetry, bedroom and office furniture. I caught the bug after visiting my friend John's shop and getting a very good hands on lesson in segmented wood turning. Needless to say I have not made anything square in a long time. I have found that I really enjoy turning segmented pieces but also like to explore with solid wood from time to time. I have a Jet 1440 lathe which I have been extremely happy with one small exception of having to frequently clean the reaves drive. Enjoy the picture and any critiques or comments are definitely welcome.

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