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Oneway 1224 or Nova DVR

Dave in Oakville
>Hi Guys,

I have been lurking/drooling here for quite some time I am a rookie and I am about to buy my first lathe. I have turned on jet mini and had a number of lessons on Oneway 2436. I would love to buy a 2036 but do not have the budget or desire to spend that much on a first lathe however, I do intend to compliment either lathe with high quality tools and the wolverine sharpening jig.
My interests range from bowls to hollow forms and especially spindle turning for furniture parts. I accept I need to buy a bed extension for both lathes but would appreciate any thought you might have on the Oneway 1224 or Nova DVR. I expect this lathe to meet my need for at least 3 - 5 years and expect a good resale value on either one if my interests outgrow the lathe.
Thanks in advance for your input.

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