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Blind in one Eye, question.

Barry Irby
>This might be a How high is up question, but I am nearly blind in one eye and the as a result the other one is totally dominant. I have very little stereoscopic vision and little or no depth perception. (and yes there is a sign on the front of my car thats says "get out of the way")

My question is about "fairing" the curves inside bowls. I hate lumpy bowls. It is clear to me that my son can see them better than I can. The little lumps and ridges. I have to touch them, either with the tool or with my fingers. I can feel irregularities I have a very hard time seeing. I use a small but very bright halogen light.

Is this normal for you folks with two good eyes? Have I not trained myself as well as I trained my son?

Is there a lighting technique that would work better? Polarized light or the new laser lights?

Barry Irby

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