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John Lucas
>While my shop is down I've been doing a lot of reading. I just got the segmented turning by Ray Allen written by Dale Nish and The Art of segmented wood turning by Malcolm Tibbetts. Both are Excellent books especially if your new to segmented work.

The Ray Allen Book takes you step by step through building a vessel the way Ray does. He also gives you plans for building several vessels. The only downside is you need a disc sander to do it the way he did.

I haven't read all of Malcom's book yet but what I have read is excellent. He goes through quite a few different ways of assmebling pieces. There is a section about wood movement and moisture. There are 100s of photos. There are a couple of fuzzy pictures but most are very clear and show the techniques very well. So far it seems very thorough and is much more understandable than the other books I have on segmented work.

If your interested in segmented turning I would have to recommend these.

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