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$33.43 Lung Saver *LINK*

>I get so much from all you turners, that I'd like to share a MacGyver with you. Even has the duct tape. Hopefully it might be of help.

Now that I have my dust filtration (.5 micron)unit up and running and being concerned about the shop (er...studio) air that lingers and enters my old lungs, I put together a 'new', cheap, ambient-air filtration system.

I took a 20" 3-speed box fan (Walmart $10.97) and put a Web Electrostatic WASHABLE Furnace Filter (Home Depot $19.99) in front of it. Using 3/4" foam weatherstripping ($2.47) along the sides of the filter, I duct-taped the filter to the the intake side of the fan.

The filter says it "Traps pollen, dust, and dander (if I ever get it up) sized particles from .3 - 10 microns (ASHRAE 52.2 test)". "Lifetime Warrantee...Rinse and REUSE."

I had the choice of a 20x20 Web filter or a 20x25 adjustable filter for the same price. I chose the latter and adjusted it to 20x21 to better fit the fan's actual opening. However, there was a 1" gap along the bottom side of the fan. Duct-tape to the rescue.

Hint: if you use the adjustable filter, note there is an arrow showing the air flow through the filter. Mark the filter before you remove it. When I took the inner filter out to adjust the frame size, I lost the air-flow orientation. Oh well, a 50/50 chance I got it right. My wife might say it's the story of my life.

Also, remember to cover the other holes in the fan housing.

So now I keep the fan on low blowing away from me while I'm working and when I leave the shop use the high speed for an hour to clean out the air. If we ever get any hot days here in Maine, I'll just have it blow on me.

Hope the idea is worthwhile for someone. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it.

$33.43 for a lifetime investment of cleaner air and healthier lungs. It's got to be worth it.

Jack (in the snow)

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