Turning Archive 2005

Sometimes it just clicks

TomW in SouthJersey
>Just a couple thoughts for a Sunday morning after spending all day in the shop yesterday and will spend all day today and tomorrow there too.

I've watched a few DVDs and read a few books on turning and noted how the wood streamed off the chisel. I had started turning with some free-bee Craftsman chisels and recently purchased a few Sorby gouges. Yesterday while turning a hollowform I recalled watching Raffin mentioning making sure the bevel contact was maintained and to pay close attention to it. I modified my approach and immediately noticed the change in shavings and the smoothness that was left on the piece. Looking back I think I been using avery tool as a sort of roughing gouge.

I've learned two important lessons now from watching DVDs. First pay attention to the little details the instructor is showing.

Second, if it is a sales DVD like the two I got from Sorby don't assume that because they make it look easy that it will work in my hands. Case in point is how easy they made the SpindleMaster perform. I'm just not "getting it". For the time being I've banished it to the far side of my shop with the big skew.

That said, in fairness to the Sorby people. I did also buy the MultiTool scraper/hollower and like the way it performs and also appreciate the quality of the 3/8 bowl gouge. Both have a nice feel to them.

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