Turning Archive 2005

Jet 1442 information

Dennis Taylor
>In previous post, you could stop the lathe at the upper rpm and lower had no torque...Jet sent me a new belt replaced it, had same problem..the took it last week to repair center, they had it a week, cleaned it, replaced the belt, with one 1 inch shorter, brought it home, and it seems to have more torque in lower speeds, from 450 to about 2200, but the 3000rpm speed, I can still stop with my hand, with light pressure, tried it with a tool for only a few seconds and it seemed alright, but is this normal?...can someone with a 1442 lathe test there's?...Are the reeves pulley's going to be a problem for the life of the lathe, or am I just having this problem and it will go away and run?...I have looked but can't afford the next step up so I am kind of where I can afford to be...tks for all input..just a bit let down, thought I was getting something better than my Jet mini and now I am not sure...Dennis

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