Turning Archive 2005

Flaming Chinese Power Tools

steve antonucci
>Before Woodworkers Warehouse went out of business, I bought a cheap Chinese Import Grinder- OTools if the brand actually matters. I had used it sparingly until today, when I put a wirewheel on it to "antique" an shelf I made for my MIL.

I had a suspicion that something was wrong. The tool seemed to be losing power. I had gloves on to protect my hands (right after the wire wheel hit my thumb...) and a mask and goggles to deal with dust and debris.

After roughing up some of the shelf- I was on the last piece, I thought I noticed that the tool felt hot. And then I thought I smelled burning plastic. The fireball confirmed both suspicions. A quick pop, a ball of fire the size of a baseball, and a puff of smoke...

Funny thing is, for $20, I don't feel so bad...


P.S. Any chance that it might still work, now that it stopped smoking?

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