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Wiring question

>Setting up a new shop in the garage. Garage is wired for lights and has outlets along the wall. What size breaker should I install in the box in the house in order to have enough juice in the garage. I plan to have a ShopSmith(110, 3/4 hp), a Nova Mercury(110, 1/2 hp), table saw(220, 1 1/2 hp), and eventually a larger lathe(220, 5 hp vfd). There may also be a 220 compressor somewhere down the line. I have already purchased 300 watt halogen lights. Grinders, chargers, etc will also be in the garage. I don't know that anything other than the chargers and what ever I am working on at the time will be running at the same time.

I'm thinking about installing a separate box in the garage in order to separate all those circuts once the power is in the garage.

Your thoughts are most appreciated.

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