Turning Archive 2005

John Lucas - articulated carving post ?

Mike Schwing from Md.

I believe you said a while back you were going to talk to Vic about some changes for the tool post. Mind sharing what you have in mind? After using this thing for a bit now I have one or two ideas of my own. Let me preface this by saying I LOVE THE THING. Here goes;

1. I wish the release/tightening knobs remained in the same place instead of rotating with the mechanism. Fumbling around for them beneath a large carving base is frustrating. It could be done pretty easily.

2. I'd like the bottom articulation's knob to be further away from the post, because in the lowest position, the toolpost banjo gets in the way of the knob during rotation and adjustment of the joint.

3. I made a detent in the post so that I am able to see when I am raising/extending it past the danger point where it might come out of the banjo and I could drop it/could fall. Would be nice to scribe a machined ring/warning mark about 1" from the bottom.

I really am enjoying this post, it is making things possible that were not before.

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