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Turners in the Allentown P.A. Area

Tom In Red Deer
>Hello all,

I have a customer that I sold some miniature turnings to. She lives around Allentown somewhere. Anyway, she has asked me if I could create a couple of full size "floor vases" for her from photographs she has.

I do not have the equipment for a project that size and shipping it from here in the frozen north to the other side of the US scares me very much.

Is there a turning guild in that area I can direct her to? Are there any turners looking for this type of commision in that area. These would as far as I can tell need only be finished to the sanded stage as the lady has been doing faux painting for thirty years. She just needs the shape in ordinary wood.

I would really like to help her out and all the good folks here was the first thing that came to mind.

Tom in Red Deer

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Turners in the Allentown P.A. Area
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