Turning Archive 2005

New use for turning lathe(long)

Dick Hines
>To all you fly fisher persons out there I may have found a new use for my PM 3520. I ordered a new fly out fit and it came this week. I just hate putting backing on a fly reel. You never really know how much you need with out spolling on the fly line and then enough backing to fill reel.

I filled the reel with backing and fly line yesterday but did not have time to unload the reel. As you know when you load a reel this way the fly line is on the bottom. It just don't work well that way. Today I the light bulb came on.

When I got home I put the fly line spool on the lathe between the tail stock and a jam chuck. Turned the RPM's down low and unloader the line.

Now I have the fly line on the spool but it's on top. I put my Nova Titan chuck on the lathe and taped the line on the jaws and turned the lathe on again.

Now I am ready to load the backing and the line, it that order. I tied the backing on the reel spool and then took the belt off the lathe so it would free wheel. In less time that it took to expalin it I had my new reel loaded ready for a trout trip. Just remember never tie the line or backing on the the reel or spool until you are ready to do the final loading.

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