Turning Archive 2005

Hazard a guess

>I picked up some wood some time ago and finally got around to it this morning. Perhaps someone can help identify it, I haven't a clue.

It has a smooth gray bark. Not as smooth as Beech however and not the green cast that I've seen on Beech bark. The grain is a bit similar to oak but varies and is not oak. The color ranges from a light tan/creme to medium brown. I can't see any real difference between the sap and heart wood, at least as far as coloring.

I've been thinking ash but I've never dealt with it and I'm not sure. However, perhaps this will be the best clue for someone out there. This wood absolutely stinks when being turned. Particularly after getting into it where it's more wet.

I kind of like the color variations in the wood and it's not bad looking but I don't know if I can tolerate the smell while turning it wet.

No digital camera, by the time I shoot a pic and get a disc, well........

Any ideas?


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