Turning Archive 2005

Two Ugly Bowls w/pic

>Well sometimes you just get a flat out dud...at least in your own mind. These two bowls fell into that category for me. The first is a piece of spalted Hackberry that laid around forever in my shop. I love turning Hackberry so I thought this would end up being a nice big beautiful bowl. It's about 13" diameter and about 6" deep. The wood was just flat and ugly with no character at all. So bad that I decided to take a stiff wire brush in my electric drill and just scrub the heck out of it on the outside. I sanded and finished the inside. To put the ugly icing on the cake...when I signed it, I said it was Maple. Duh.

This next one was a really pretty piece of curly maple. I thought I'd make it even prettier with some black aniline dye. Ugh. I wiped the dye on, and it's just got blotchier and blotchier. Are you suppose to apply something first before the dye? I'm not very happy about this one. At least I wrote the correct specie of wood on the bottom.

All comments welcome....I think :)


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