Turning Archive 2005

Hammered Maple Bowl w/pic

>Hi Everybody,This is my first attempt at hammering. I bought a little air hammer at Lowes and ground the pointy chisel that came with it to a more rounded end instead of a point. I think I might even grind it down a bit more. I also need to play with the pressure from the compressor a bit too... As in lower it. you can see where the hammer got a way from me a few times and I nicked the edges.

Overall I like this first attempt. It looks a bit more industrial than anything I've ever turned but I suppose that's to be expected when you hammer away at it. It's a piece of maple about 9" across and 4" high. I used Indian Ink for the rim. I dyed it before I hammered. I wasn't sure in which order to do that since I'd never done it before. It seemed to work out okay. I dyed and hammered still in the chuck on the lathe. After I got started, I wondered if that might not be a good idea. The hammering seems a bit violent at times. I hope there's no chance of damaging my bearings or chuck? I might hold the chuck in my bench vise from now on. I would not recommend it for someone with carpel tunnel or sensitive ears! Ouch! After all the surface treatments I finished the bottom and dyed the foot black too. I thought that might add a nice touch bringing the rim color down to the bottom. Finished with 4 wipe on coats of Rockler wipe on gel poly, and 0000 steel wool in between. All comments encouraged please! Thanks for looking :)


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