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New Tool Rest *LINK* *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda ~ Downeast Maine
>Recently I deployed a new lathe, right away it was obvious that the 12" tool rest that came with it was too big for some of the stuff I make, a happy coincidence was that Mike Schwing posted about a tool rest he has, so I followed his link and I saw the tool rest offered there, as I wanted something heavy duty I did contact Randy, the creator; he was very nice to deal with and I ordered a toolrest with a 1" bar, after a brief gestation I received the new tool rest.

Is a piece of art, made to perfection and turning with it is a joy. Notice the new tool rest in the picture, to the right, two walnut pieces made using it.

Standar disclaimer, no association other than a happy custumer.

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New Tool Rest *LINK* *PIC*
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Hi Mike!
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