Turning Archive 2005

Looking for commiseration

Ruth in So. Cal
>Spent a few days turning pen blanks keeping in mind extra cash towards the new lathe I have in mind......nothing fancy, just some nice wood, burls, stained, figured and the like.....tonight I am all set up to put them together...admiring one particular pair of blanks I start to put them together.....low and behold, the twist mechanism is faulty and just turns and turns but doesn't unturn.....and I can't get the thing out and I don't have a dismantler.

At this point I am already bummed out- it was really nice dyed maple....and I start doing the next one...same thing!! I did put eleven others together, and I can't really complain because these are just two in about 100 that don't work...but it's bummed me out for the rest of the evening. I'm in that place of feeling like "I'm bloody stupid and can't even put a pen together so why would I even think I am any good at turning" mode...

I know, this too shall pass......but I feel bummed anyway.

Thanks for reading. I'll go sleep it off.


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