Turning Archive 2005

My enemy

Bud Gabaree
>I need advice from the experts. Every now and again I come around to form that causes me fits. The form is a semi-enclosed bowl, picture one half of an "S", where the top edge closes in on itself. As I go deeper into the bowl, I start to have trouble transitioning from sidewall to bottom. I can't make the turn with a gouge (unless I'm not using it properly) and this seems to be a no-man's land for a round nose scraper. Last night's attempt to lightly cut this area with a round nose scraper ended with the scraper handle busted in half after a dig-in, nearly took my hand with it.
How do the folks who actually know what they're doing handle this type of form? Also, is it a good idea to change scraper handles to something with considerably more weight? It seems to me that would help this tool's tendency to be nose-heavy, but I don't want to lose any tactile feel for when I'm being too agressive.
TIA (my left hand eagerly awaits your advice, its tired of bearing the brunt of my mistakes)

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