Turning Archive 2005

Inspiration *LINK*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>No, I didn't lift anyone's pics this time.

You've got to appreciate this man's glasswork. Many of the more well done "art" turnings/carvings I've seen remind me of his baskets and seaforms.

This artist - Chihuly, has done the glasswork on the ceiling of the Bellagio in Vegas, and he has a museum store in their lobby. I couldn't stop looking at his work, and would dearly love to have a piece of my own one day.

Please take a few minutes and look at his seaforms and baskets. The seaforms will just knock your socks off. They also provide very good inspiration for turning designs.

For just a quick peek of one image only, use this link, http://www.chihuly.com/baskets/Art/CdGAbrams_015_menu.jpg

for the website click below. Well worth the visit.

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