Turning Archive 2005

finial tutorial, part 2 *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>In a previous post, I mentioned some design elements that may be useful in turning finials. I have posted a finial using some of those suggestions.

There is one prominent section of the finial. If you look closely, you will see that the largest part of the finial is curiously similar in shape to an inverted hollow form. This is not by accident; just as in bowl turning, the rules of form apply.

Each element of the finial are sepatated by a cove, which helps to define the individual parts of the finial. The cuts are well defined, and sanding near details was avoided.

The largest diameter is approxamately three times larger than the smallest.(sound familiar?) The overall finial fits nicely into a "golden rectangle".

This is a practice piece, but shows some of the possibilities....a longer stem could be added, spirals carved in the piece, etc.Hope this helps.

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