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Steven Russell demo

Jimmy from Central IL
>Hi All!

Yesterday my son and I skipped out and went to Collinsville, IL for a wood show. It was the biggest show I have ever been to! They had absolutely everything!

They also had several different demo classes going on at the same times. We happened to catch Steven do a pen. Tyler loved it! He sat right up front and watch every move he made, and even asked a couple questions. Steven was VERY good at demonstrating and answering all questions asked.

The most amazing part of his demo was the actual finishing he put on that pen. It was terrific! After the class he graded the pen and gave it an "F" for finish! He said that he would not even attempt to sell that one in his studio. Just amazing! Better than any pen I have ever seen in person and it was still not good enough for him.

Well, I have a FEW pen blanks to drill out for the little pro to work on, or I could go on and on about yesterday...lol


Jimmy, who bought the DVD and e-books for himself :-)

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