Turning Archive 2005

Not having much luck with Alcohol

Pete in Holland
>All right, I'm not doing something right. Rought turned 8 bowls from the trunk of a straight white oak (tough turning by the way) about a week and a half ago. Bowls were in the 9-11" diameter range,3-5" deep, and a uniform 1" thick. Immediately after turning, they were floated in denatured alcohol for 3-12 hours, then outside & rim wrapped with 2 layers of newspaper and taped tight. Inside left open. Left upside down in my heated (but cool) basement shop for that time on an open rack, I opened up a couple last night and both had several cracks on the outside. Am afraid to look at the others.

Do I need heavier paper? Should I cover the bunch with a tarp? Wood too thick? Nature of white oak? Wrapped too tight? Last bowls were cut thinner (about 5/8") but warped too much to re-turn true, so I bumped the thickness up to 1" on this batch.

Where am I going wrong?

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