Turning Archive 2005

Chuck questions?

Dan Lanicek in TX
>I've been turning a couple of months now on my Jet mini lathe and I think it's time to invest in a chuck. I'm looking for a chuck that will last me years and can use later on when I eventually buy a bigger lathe. I'll probably keep the mini lathe so I'd probably use the same chuck on both lathes.

I have no idea when or what my next lathe will be, so I'd like to keep all my options open. In other words, I think I want a chuck that uses threaded inserts. I'm assuming threaded inserts are relatively easy to switch so I can use the same chuck on both lathes even if the spindles are different. Correct?

At this point, I'm leaning towards the SuperNova2. Is this too big for a mini lathe? It's either that or a Talon at this point. Any suggestions?

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