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Epoxy comparison *LINK*

Andy in Raleigh
>I mentioned having seen what I thought was a pretty objective comparison of epoxies and I got an email asking for a URL. I am posting it below. Note that this primarily discusses the use of epoxy for fiberglassing and/or as a coating. As an adhesive you will be hard pressed to find any epoxy (except maybe some 5 minute varieties) that isn't overkill for wood (much stronger than the joint). There is a good paper on using epoxy as an adhesive for wood at:


One tidbit from that paper:
"Glue strength is assessed by measuring the lap shear strength in appropriately designed joints. For cured epoxy adhesive mixes it is generally between 1500 - 2200 psi (120 - 150 kg/cm2) depending on the epoxy system employed."

Right above that is a chart with a few woods' strengths listed. Teak has the highest listed at 1480 with spruce and cedar about half that.

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