Turning Archive 2005

A poisoned little gloat

Smoky Joe
>Well, I was pretty pleased last Saturday after traded a bowl to swipe a few recently-felled logs from a construction site. Mostly oak.

I was still pleased when I cut up about 25 sections that should yeild at least 2 small bowls. And I even had the chance to rough out a couple of bowls.

I was NOT pleased this evening when I learned that Urushiol is the active ingredient in POISON OAK - those irritating little runners I pulled from my logs.

So I sit here, covered in a rash, wondering whether my whole new log pile is toxic.

I'm thinking that beyond the bark, all will be fine. (Obviously, natural edge will be out of the question!) Will I be able to turn this stuff without suffering continual re-infection? I hear breathing the stuff is really bad. Any tips, suggestions, or even laughs at my expense would be most welcomed.

Thanks, Jeff

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