Turning Archive 2005

I Need Some Advice From Turners of Large Bowls

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I have two very large holly blanks that should yield bowls between 16"-17" in diameter. My experience with holly remaining stable during drying has been mixed. Some of the smaller bowls I have turned have been fairly stable, some have not. My usual method of handling rough turned bowls is to leave the standard 1" wall thickness per 10" diameter with a little less in the bottom. I coat the end grain with Anchor Seal put in a paper bag and put it aside for about 1 year in my shop which is neither heated nor cooled. This method has for the most part been successful with very few cracked or severely warped bowls.
Holly this size is an almost once in a lifetime opportunity (second for me).
Based on your experiences, should I rough turn both blanks and bag as usual, turn green to finished thickness bag and dry slowly or one of each? Or do you have another idea? I would boil the blanks for safety but I don't think I have a pot big enough.
Any suggestions?

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