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Grinding to a halt

>Hi -

I'm very new to lathe working, but finally managed to walk into a deal for a decent starter-lathe (fisch purchased from a guy who won it and didn't need it) and purchased a set of tools (a set of 5 from Sorby). I'm joining a local club, and a friend from that club has shown me a few of the basics so I can get started practising.

Thing is, the second you buy a lathe, you get to see behind the curtain, where you see mountains of cash for extra,must-have hardware. The curtain is revealed at about the same time you realize you need an effective and inexpensive way to sharpen tools, as you slide into the home base of "I'm out of cash".

I've got some diamond files, and they are kind of cutting it, but I realize I need to get a grinder. The picture I'm getting is to buy a slow grinder (1725ish RPM), white alumninum oxide wheel with grit between say 100 and 120, 8" diameter better than 6", with a tool rest and of course a guard. That's great, but now let's find it for less than $100.

I really need to find an economical way to do this without buying something that is junk and/or unsafe. Any advice?

Thanks -

David B.

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