Turning Archive 2005


Russ Fairfield
>It has been an interesting and enjoyable two years. Thank you for putting up with me.

Wood Central has grown in that time since Ellis asked me if I would be the Moderator of this forum just before the end of the Badger Pond. At the time, there were 10 messages on the Turning Board in a good week, the arrival of the BP folks brought that to 20 a day, we are now at almost 200 messages nearly every day, and there have been days with over 250. We must have done something right. It is time to move on and let someone else have all the fun.

I will still be here. There is too much to learn from all of you. You couldn't drive me away with a club. The only difference is that I will be just another woodturner who will express an occasional opinion on something.

These have been a good 2-years for me. I have found many friendships here at Wood Central. I didn't realize how many there really were until we made a trip to NY for the Totally Turning Symposium, and I had the chance to meet many of you in person. Unfortunately, most were met only briefly, as a passing name tag, or not at all. I will be meeting many more of you on the trip we will be making into the Southland in March of this year. And, maybe somebody will invite me to their woodturning activity next year. I can't think of a better way to put miles on the motorhome than visiting other woodturners and seeing the sights on this great Country of ours at the same time.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get the video version of "Finishing Secrets" ready to go. Recent computer problems with a virus that ate holes in a lot of the final version before I could make a master-copy, and discovering that I was using an editing software that wasn't up to the job, haven't helped. I am still running towards a Feb. 15 announcement.

This started with a plan for a 2-hour video that soon grew into 4, and I had problems getting the final version cut back to less than 6. Now I am left with wondering who, if anybody, will buy it. That is a lot of "finishing".

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