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Nova 3000 First Impressions *PIC*

Jorge Castaneda ~ Downeast Maine
>After the ordeal of ordering a new lathe and getting an incomplete one and 4 phone calls and resulting waiting periods later, everything was together a couple weeks ago, but I was very busy, finally this weekend I got to "meet the beast", so to speak.

I made a stand out of 5/8" plywood pieces I had around, over a 2x4 spruce frame, with a bottom compartment with 3 - 70 pound bags of sand for ballast, the stand itself is very heavy, at least 100 pounds, plus 210 of sand and 185 of lathe very close to 500 pounds. The stand is 2' x 4' and the spindle is at 46".

It is a lot more lathe than the Midi and I mounted a big chunk of green ash, quite unbalanced and it took it without complains, no waltzing Mathilda in here, even when I was taking quite a bite and getting big fat shavings. I tried diferent speeds, and had to grind the cam some to make it work, changing speeds is not easy!

In general it works quite well, but it has a vibration that have not been able to pinpoint, it sings when loossening the slider of the tool rest when the motor is running, also when touching the tool rest with a gouge, not major but it is there and I would like to eliminate it.
I was dissapointed that the surface of the bed is quite rough, it was flattened with a very coarse grinder, also there are issues with the handles of the tool rest and the tail stock getting in each other way. The tool rest itself, a 12" one seems to big most of the time, a 6" would be more useful to me, I ordered one already. A dissapointment is that it does not have a hand wheel and has to be purchased, I think it should come with the lathe.

After the ash chunk that was made totally into shavings, I mounted a chunk of red maple and you can see in the photo the resulting shape after reducing the diameter quite a bit to get rid of galleries made by beetles, and they did not add the nice looking Ambrosia stains, just black. It ended being 11" across by 6" deep.

To the right it is the largest piece I ever made in the mini, a 9 1/2" x 3" bowl that still is unfinished, now I have to get small face plates for this machine, the one that came with it is a 6" whooper.

so there it is, mine must be one of the smallest turning shops...
Thanks for looking

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