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Lathe Placement

>Hey everyone,

I've been working on my new shop in the basement and have been trying to decide on lathe placement.

One idea I have is for the lathe to be about a power cord away, parallel with the wall and my back to the wall. The walls in effect will help some in shavings management. They would bounce off the wall and fall to the floor (theoretically speaking of course).

Anyway, about the power cord. It, unfortunately, will be in a walk area. With the wall behind me, so is the outlet to plug in the lathe. So I was thinking about getting a cord protector and then flanking the protector with an anti fatigue mat. The thickness of the mat will take out some of the bump and make it a more smoother transition (at least I hope).

Curious if anyone has run into this before. Has anyone employed this method and is it working for you?

Is there a light duty/heavy duty or recommendation on what kind of cord protector I should get? Obviously you want to avoid any flimsy, squishy types because you risk damaging the power cord every time you step on it. YOu also have to find one that accomodate a 220 size cord, which I would imagine would be about 12 guage??

Thanks for any input and recommendations.


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