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Ellis Walentine
>Yes indeed, folks, I'm very pleased to announce that Keith Tompkins, of upstate New York, has agreed to take over as moderator of the WoodCentral turning forum, effective immediately. Please join me in extending congratulations and a warm welcome to Keith as he takes the reins here.

Russ Fairfield, who has served us so well as moderator for the past several years, is stepping aside to spend more time on other projects, including (rumor has it) a new video. He promises to still be a regular contributor to the boards and will never be too far from the pulse of this forum. I can't thank Russ enough for his excellent service to the turning community.

Meanwhile, Keith is already a major contributor to the forum and an extremely accomplished turner in his own right. I have had the pleasure of awarding him several blue ribbons over the years at the NWA show in Saratoga Springs, where I was a judge for seven years.

I'm looking forward to having Keith on board as a member of the WoodCentral team. Please give him your friendship and your support.

Ellis Walentine, Host

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