Turning Archive 2005

all you 3520A owners

Jim Ketron
>Im looking at getting a 3520A asap!
got a few Questions for ya!
what accessories did you get to go with your lathe?
Osolnik Machinery has a package deal the 3520A lathe with standard stuff that comes on it, RH bowl tool rest,Remote on/off switch,7" tool rest,4" face plate, 6"face plate,outboard turning stand for $3,031
I was thinking of getting this deal and was wondering how the outboard turning stand was. is it made good and worth getting ( I weld and could actualy make my own that would be as heavy or heavier) and the on/off switch would it be worth getting it?
those are the 2 factors in getting the package deal I can get the other stuff cheaper somewhere else

or should I get the basic lathe and buy accessories such as faceplates and bowl tool rests somewhere else?

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