Turning Archive 2005

Big burl bowl *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>This is a large (16" diameter) maple burl bowl. It is pretty neat for its rarity, I don't recall seeing more than one or two maple burl bowls this large. I thought it would be more dramatic somehow than it is, even though I think it is well turned and finished, and looks pretty good photographed. It was wet turned to finish thickness, an even 3/16" throughout, and BOY was it flexible on the lathe. I used a lot more 80 grit sandpaper than I would normally on a bowl this size as finishing cuts were unproductive.

Finished with 2 coats of Daly's tung oil and buffed on wheels to a nice sheen.

No bottom treatment on this one as I ran out of depth, misjudged how deeply I took the interior.

Comments welcomed, and thanks for looking.

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