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Someone asked about sanding organization..>> *PIC*

>..>> The subject quickly scrolled down so I thought I'd post mine here and see if it helps anyone.I took over my girls room and made it to a lathe room. Here in Israel walk in closets are rare so you buy closets kind of like cupboards. I bought a nice new long one for my girls when they got relocated to a larger room and I patched together this six door one. I put the sanding center in the first two door section and used the hanger rods to hang the materials. The top row from left to right is my desperate measure 80 and 100 grit rolls, lots of 0000 steel wool [I use it often], and paper towels or as Chris Stott calls it, kitchen paper. The next row from left to right is 400, 320, 220, 180, and 120 grit paper. The next level down you'll see a piece of plywood and a backsaw. I use the the wood for support and cut using the backsaw as a cutter to about 1.5 - 2" wide strips of sand paper which I keep in small plastic baskets by my lathe. For general sanding, I fold them into thirds for padding and giving me three clean surfaces to use. I put hanger hooks on the doors for my smocks and the plastic drawers you see below help organize my kits.

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