Turning Archive 2005

yet another drying question

>I recently picked up a 4' long 10" diam log of what I was told is red elm. It has no bark and the surface is extrememly weathered. I cut a few sections of it as well as some bowl and stopper blanks. I turned one stopper sized blank and from what I can tell it is damn near bone dry. The question is this. Can logs be dry upon cutting if its been "dead" upright long enough. I was told the branch that this was, was cut a week or two prior to me getting it. The main trunk was 4' diameter and the logging crew that was there was said to have eyed it greedily.

I like the grain pattern on it even though it is a bit plain but am not sure if I should or even need to put it through a drying protocol or if I can finish turn straight away.

Columbus OH

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