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Face shields, and fogging.

Russ Fairfield
>Nobody asked for my opinion, but........

Fogging is the result of the air between the face and the inside of the shield becoming saturated with moisture. There are only 2 solutions. Frequent exchange of the air under the shield, or move to a drier climate. Everything else is only temporary and usually a wasted effort.

Frequent removal of the shield can provide the air exchange required. Using a box-fan to blow air across our face will help. How frequent will depend on the relative humidity of the air in the shop. Using a powered face shield can have the added advantage of providing cleaner air for us to breath.

The dry climate has several other advantages. Wood dries to a lower equilibrium moisture content and you will never again have to worry about your work cracking when it is moved to a dry climate. You will be able to use up the entire bottle of polyurethane glue before it gets hard in the bottle. Tung Oil and other oil finishes can be used for several years after the can hasw been opened. You can spray lacquer every day of the year without worrying about moisture in the airstream and blush under the surface film.
The only disadvantage is that natural spalting is almost non-exictant, and you will have to learn how to prepare and store wood to keep it from drying too fast and cracking before you can get it to the lathe.

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