Turning Archive 2005

New Stubby 750

Barry Turner
>I spent several hours in the shop today getting acquainted with my new Stubby 750. I turned a small hollow vessel from maple burl. It's about 9" in diameter and about 8" tall. It was hollowed through a small 1 1/14" opening. The burl was dry making the hollowing more difficult.

The Stubby performed flawlessly throughout the day. It is so smooth! I closed my eyes and placed my hand on the headstock with the machine running at about 1000 rpm at the time, with a not-quite-balanced blank. Had it not been for the very low motor and belt noise, I would not have been able to tell if the lathe was running. Absolutely no vibration! Very few things in life work this well. (Please forgive my blathering on and on!)

I got so enthralled, my wife had to come get me for supper. (I didn't stop at all for lunch!) This could be bigger than low-carb diets.

Ahhhhhhhh..........this is gonna to be fun!


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