Turning Archive 2005

Speaking of Dryer Sheets

Lee Weed
>It's not a good idea to use them as car air fresheners, at least not in Tennessee.Last Weekend I picked up my new Stubby(gloat) and met Capt. Skip in Knoxville to deliver the Jet 1642 that he bought from me.

So I'm driving South down I-75 Saturday heading back to Texas, trying to drive my way out of the sleet and ice storm. A couple of Tennessee's finest officers decide to have a look and see why A Suburban with Texas plates is riding a little low in back(thanks to the Stubby).

I told them to go ahead have a look around the vehicle...I have nothing to hide. They look under the seats and my wife had put dryer sheets there to make the car smell good. Guess what the Drug traffickers use to conceal the smell of drugs and currency from the K9's...Dryer sheets!!

After standing along the Interstate for over an hour freezing while they THOROUGHLY searched my vehicle, they figured out that I wasn't a trafficker, just a little insane for driving 2400 miles to get rid of one lathe and pick up another.

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