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Wolverine settings for Ellsworth Gouge

Doug Trembath
>Folks, I have been asked to evaluate the Crown David Ellsworth Signature Gouge for a group of turners, so I picked one up today. They don't exactly give them away, do they?

Having used Glaser gouges almost exclusively for a number of years, and knowing how adamant David is regarding his grind geometry, I'd like to set up my Wolverine and Vari-grind to ensure I keep it ground correctly. I remember in a past discussion someone had a system figured out for both a grinding wheel and the Tormek that allowed them to repeatably maintain the profile. If any of you can assist me with the dimensions and jig settings you use, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Some of you know that I have almost always felt that if you can turn freehand, you can sharpen freehand. I compared the grind on the new gouge to one of my Glasers, and believe it or not, with the exception of the flute geometry, I couldn't find any appreciable difference! But for the sake of the evaluation, I'd like to use the Varigrind to keep it the same.

Any help will be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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