Turning Archive 2005

Who wants to be the guinea pig? *LINK*

>I've read threads of you turners complaining about shavings and pieces of wood getting in your shirts/pants pockets and other places. I might have a cheap cure for that, desposeable coveralls. I found an old box of them yesterday while cleaning up. I thought they were paper but now see they are 100% polyester. They are extremely light weight, rather open weave, with elastic sleeves much like the ones at this website.


Cost $27.35 for a box of 25.

I'll mail one of the coveralls out to the first 2 or 3 turners who state they would like to try them. Stipulation is, you got to report back to the forum what you think of them and are they worth the trouble and money

I ordered these things 20 years and 60 less pounds ago. They are XL. I'm 6'2" and 230 lbs now and that's the absolute max they will cover so you need to be that size or smaller.


PS. Mine have a collar on them that you may want to cut off. BTW They zip up pretty snug around my red neck so they should do a good job of keeping out shavings.

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