Turning Archive 2005

Are woodworkers the most generous people alive?

RK Kelly, WV
>I spent this week in Atlanta, visiting my father-in-law and my godson's family. Tim (pa-in-law) and i spent all day Tuesday goofing off in all the right places - Highland Hardware, Woodcraft, and Atlanta Wood Products. On the way home, we stopped by Nick Cook's shop in Marietta. I'd never met Nick before but had read his articles in the AAW Journal and emailed him about the collet chuck he sells.

To get to the point, he stopped what he was doing (which was making a living) and chatted with us for probably half an hour. He showed us some pepper mills, bottle stoppers, bar stools and other stuff he was working on. He struck me in much the same way as Bill Grumbine and Charlie Brown and so many other woodworkers i've had the pleasure to meet or correspond with - gracious, friendly, and very willing to help someone who knows less than they do. Growing up in the world of fisherman and birdhunters, i'm much more used to people not sharing their secrets.

Hats off to Nick, Bill, Charlie and all those like them who help the rest of us find our way.


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