Turning Archive 2005

Sassafras Turning Blanks 8x6x6

Craig Daymon
>Hello all,

I've been away from the board for some time as the shop is in storage, but I do have access to my father's Jet mini so I'my trying out some turning ideas. Starting to attend some Bucks County (PA) Woodturner's meetings and I'm really getting inspired.

I have an idea for something that I want to do and I was thinking that Sassafras might be a great wood to do it in. I need blocks about 8" tall and about 6x6 square. I don't know how Sassafras is to turn, so if it is a bad choice please let me know.

The idea is simply a lidded box for on top of the toilet tank to hold a spare roll of TP. I'm thinking a finish for the outside is probably necessary, but the inside left unfinished. I know Sassafras has a great cinnamon type smell and think it would be just right for that environment when you need the next roll. I'm figuring on putting a 3/4" dowel (probably poplar) in the center of the box about an inch shorter than a roll. Probably drill a shallow hole for the dowel after the box is complete.

So, if Sassafras would be a good wood for this project, does anyone know where to get some Sassafras blanks that size? Any idea what the cost might be?

Thanks in advance,


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